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bloomicontest's Journal

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Welcome to Bloomicontest!

Think you have the icon making skills to compete with your fellow icon artists? Is Orlando Bloom your icon muse? Well this is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff.

This community is moderated by both waenweth and laizeohbeets and affiliated with grapeluvvieicon,dominicmonaghan, and hansodorksicons. If you would like to be an affiliate, contact either of the mods.


Icon Submissions, Polling, etc.

Icon submissions are accepted from the time we announce the new theme (which will be a little after 10pm EST on Thursday nights, just after the winner of the previous contest is chosen) until 10pm EST on Tuesday evening.

Polling for each icontest runs from Tuesday once the submissions have been pooled into one entry for voting (a little after 10pm EST on Tuesday) until 10pm EST on Thursday evening.

Submit only your own work for each contest. Claiming someone else's icon as your own will just piss off the mods and you'll be banned.

Stay with the theme. This is not a place where you post your random icons that you've made. Posting random icons is basically equivalent to posting off topic and will be deleted. There are plenty of other communities where you can post your other icons.

ONE icon per use per theme. In other words, one icon once a week.

The icons you submit do NOT have to be shareable. If it's just too precious to you or made for a friend then you aren't required to share. You are allowed to just submit for competition purposes. However, please DO STATE IN YOUR POST whether it is or is not up for grabs and if credit is wanted or not.

We ask that we (the moderators) are allowed to hotlink the icon you submit to compose a collective entry for voting. This will only be done once and will be behind a cut to save your bandwidth. When entering an icon you agree to allow us to hotlink for this purpose and this purpose ONLY.

EDIT: Some people like to take down their entries once the contests are over. This does not work for us if you have won. For people who could possibly want to join, a lot would like to see WHO wins and the like. A little red "x" in a box is not a correct representation of who wins.
If you have a problem with your own bandwidth, please notify us (the mods). We both have accounts and would be happy to host your icon if it has won and you'd like to remove it from your own server. That way people can continue to enjoy your hard work. :)
If you have other reasons (need to control who is posting your icons where, etc.), then maybe you should reconsider the whole icontest bit. We do not and will not use your icons for any other use except the community. (and as stated before, under a cut)

Great Ways to be Banned from This Community

Not crediting your fellow icon artists. If they specifically do not ask for credit then we can't hold it against you, but if we find you are taking icons from this community and not crediting you will be kicked out. There are no exceptions to this.

Hotlinking As mods, we ask that we hotlink the icons for mere use on the collective icons-to-vote-on page, but if we find reports of you hotlinking you will be PROMPTLY banned. If you do not know what hotlinking is, I highly suggest you find out what it is and quickly.

Posting icons for contests which are not your own work. This is just wanky. No warning for this, you'll just be banned.

Off topic posts. We honestly don't care about whatever community you're trying to push. If you feel as if it is linked in some way to this community, please email the mods and we'll either approve your proposal or reject it.

Trolling. Trolling is bad. People who feed the trolls are worse. If someone comes into the community just to be a pain in the ass, let the mods handle it. Feeding trolls are a personal pet peeve of waenweth and may lead to her throwing a fit and kicking you out.